Extensions: Intercom Lookup

TeamSQL's new extensions allow you to add optional functionality to your TeamSQL instance. One of the first extensions we're releasing is for Intercom Lookup, which allows you to cross-reference data you've returned in TeamSQL and look up users in your Intercom account using their email addresses, user IDs, or Intercom IDs.


Before installing the extension, you’ll need to install and set up the TeamSQL CLI.

You will also need to have TypeScript installed.

Building and Installing the Extension

Before you can install the extension, you'll need to build it from the source files you clone from GitHub.

  1. Clone the Intercom Lookup extension to your local machine. Navigate into the folder; every command you run from this point on will be done within this folder
  2. Install the required npm packages by running npm install
  3. Build the extension project with TypeScript by running tsc -p .

At this point, you're ready to install the extension. You can do so by running the following command:

> teamsql-cli submit --install

Use the Extension

Before you can perform any Intercom lookups, you'll need to provide your Intercom Access token:

  1. Launch TeamSQL. If you had TeamSQL running before you installed the extension, please exit and relaunch. Make sure that you're logged in to TeamSQL with the credentials you used to log in to the TeamSQL CLI
  2. Execute a query
  3. Right click anywhere on the results set grid to bring up the options menu
  4. In the options menu, scroll down to and hover over Intercom Lookup. In the sub-menu that displays, click **Set Intercom Access Token


  5. In the pop-up window, provide your Intercom Access Token. Click Save and exit the window

Now that you've set up your access token, you're ready to perform a lookup using the Intercom Lookup extension:

  1. Within the results set, right click on a cell containing data you want to use to search your Intercom account (such as user ID or email address) to bring up the options menu
  2. In the options menu, scroll down to and hover over Intercom Lookup. You'll be presented with the search options available to you
  3. Click the option to that matches the search type you want to run

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